You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself,  your own highest standards, and when you reach your limits, that is real joy. Arthur Ashe, former World No. 1 professional tennis player ABOUT SOBOTTA DIVERSITY  We are a consulting and project management enterprise focused on promoting participation in sport and sport for development for sporting, government and business organisations.   As an international hub between Australia and Europe we recognise, connect and develop best-practice, strategies and first-class contacts.
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Educated in Germany and Australia, Alex is engaged with diversity management in and with sports for more than ten years. He has worked as a social worker, manager of the integration and anti-discrimination program of the German Football Association, employee of the social campaign of the FIFA Women´s World Cup 2011, co-founder of the sports crowdfunding platform, sports director of the European Maccabi Games Berlin 2015, board member of the International Society for Diversity Management and chairman of the club Education through Sport. More “I want through excellent work and attractive products help people and further develop sports.”
We work with a fix pool of further consultants and project managers in Germany and Australia who we are able to involve into project management at short notice. Due to that flexibility we implement smaller and bigger projects directly and successfully.
Alex Sobotta Melbourne & Berlin
Jan-Robert Zingler Berlin
Olivia Shelton Melbourne
Jan has researched and worked for nearly ten years in the fields of intercultural integration and knowledge transfer through sports. He worked as a coach for disadvantaged kids, ran different sports- based education projects, coordinated fundraising and market research measurements, possesses broad experience of the implementation of selection processes and gala events of social prizes and of refugee relief through sports. “I want to use sports in order to empower people                         to get the best out of themselfes.”
Olivia has for 15 years worked as a teacher and school leader all over the world, including five years as Head of Middle School in Berlin. Experienced in working with youth from all walks of life, Olivia believes the core issues facing adolescents are similar regardless of circumstance - every one just wants to feel safe, connected and heard. This is what forms the basis of healthy self-esteem. “I want to provide kids with a toolkit to be confident, compassionate and resilient - to be empowered, self-assured and view the world with eyes wide-open.”
Participation in Sports
Social Prize, Conference & Tournament
Sport for Development
As the pool of people interested in sports is getting more diverse, there grows a need for sporting associations and clubs to review their structures and offers. Furthermore, there is a strong interest of governmental organsiations to get the people active considering sport´s positive influence on health and sanity. We offer consulting and project management on cultural diversity, anti-racism, gender, age, disability and health in organised sport.
The use of sport can play a positive role in supporting social incluson, education, health, violence prevention and international development projects. Major sporting, government and business organisations strenghten their ties with (their local) communities for economic and responsibility reasons. We offer consulting and project management on using the power of sport for social change.
Do good and talk about it! Events are an essential part of diversity management and social engagement. We possess the experience of the delivery of a number of high-level events. We offer full service management of social prize campaigns, conferences/symposiums and sport for development sporting events.
Premier European Football Tours
We facilitate football training camps in Europe for club, academy and school teams. The tours include games with professional league Youth Academy teams and grassroots teams, trainings by Academy coaches as well as stadium and city tours. With destinations generally in England and/or Germany, there is an Eastern Europe option available.